Teletherapy and Digital Nomad Life on the Holding Space Podcast


I had such a great time sitting down with my friend Dr. Cassidy Freitas on the Holding Space Podcast sharing about two things I’ve VERY passionate about - teletherapy (online therapy) and traveling full time as a digital nomad. In case you were wondering, being able to work and travel full time is a pretty sweet gig, so I share a lot of my tips for how to do this.

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Cassidy, she is an incredible resource for all things related to building a modern private practice. Between being a full time Mom plus a full time entrepreneur, I have NO IDEA how she does it all with so much grace - but she does. She offers lots of free and helpful information so if you’re a therapist, you’ll definitely want to give her a follow.

We talk about stepping (with lots of fear) into the world of social media, the instagram therapist community, overcoming initial resistance to online therapy, the benefits of telehealth, why some therapists have opted to switch into coaching, the need for regulations, and much more!

Listen to the episode here.