Coping With Grief and Loss: A Conversation with Brittney Moses

coping with grief and loss

From breakups, to losing a loved one, we all experience grief and loss.

I was honored to share my personal and professional experiences with grief with my friend Brittney Moses. She’s the creator of the wildly popular Christian Mental Health instagram account and her Faith & Mental Wellness Podcast is leading the way with some truly meaningful conversations that the faith community is in desperate need of.

In this conversation, Brittney and I get REAL, and very vulnerable. I share about losing a loved one to suicide 10 years ago, and what my process of coping and recovery looked like. I also share my experiences working with clients dealing with the different types of grief and what to expect in your own grief process. Most importantly, we talk about ways to heal from loss and the hope that is available even in the midst of grief.

Have you experienced grief? How did you cope with it? What helped you heal? Please share in the comments below.

Show Summary:

8:06- The basics of grief: What’s common to expect and feel.

9:28- Losing a loved one to suicide

14:31- Losing someone to cancer & illness

17:00- What is the timeline for grief? When will things start to get better?

21:05- Naming the stages of grief

24:50- Dealing with complex grief & multiple losses

33:08- Proactive steps to initiate healing

37:50- How to support a loved ones who are grieving while you’re grieving too

How to support a loved one who is grieving

51:32- Struggling with your faith after a painful loss